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Food & Drink


This region of France is rightly famous for its gastronomy and is a delight for food and wine lovers.


During your stay you will have the chance to visit some of the many fabulous restaurants that lie within a short drive of the property; everything from traditional and simple auberges to Michelin starred eateries. We are always very happy to offer recommendations and to make reservations for you if you require. Some of our favourites include the following:

- Le Gindreau, St Medard (4km. Tel: +33 5 65 36 22 27. Website:
Outstanding fine dining restaurant. 1 Michelin star. Unbeatable for a special treat. Evening menus from 75€. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

- L’Auberge, Catus (5km. Tel: +33 5 65 23 82 27. No website)

Simple traditional regional cooking. Cozy, rustic interior. Very good duck cooked on the open grill. Closed Sunday evening.

- La Récréation, Les Arques (7km. Tel: +33 5 65 22 88 08. Website:
Popular restaurant with an excellent reputation. Very pretty courtyard setting in a picturesque village. Evening menus from 39€. Closed Wednesday and Thursday.

- Le Médiéval, Puy l'Evêque (22km. Tel: +33 9 86 31 80 88. Website:
Intimate, well run restaurant with an excellent reputation. Well executed, modern French cooking. Closed Sunday and Monday.

- La Garenne, near Cahors (22km. Tel: +33 5 65 35 40 67. Website:
Tasteful, well run restaurant on the outskirts of Cahors. Well executed, classical French cooking served in a stylish and atmospheric dining room. Evening menus from 33€. Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

- Le Lamparo, Cahors (23km. Tel: +33 9 70 35 13 97. Website:
Well located informal restaurant in the medieval quarter of Cahors. Extensive range of bistro style dishes. Also excellent pizzas and salads. Closed Sunday.

- L'O à la Bouche, Cahors (23km. Tel: +33 5 65 35 65 69. Website:
Centrally located on the main square and regarded by many as the best restaurant in Cahors. Inventive, modern French cooking. Evening menus from 28€. Closed Sunday and Monday.



The Cahors wine region may be relatively small but it is one of the oldest in Europe.

Although it is these days more famously associated with Argentina, the Malbec grape in fact originates from Cahors and is still the dominant grape variety used to produce the highly regarded red wines of the region. The strong character of the Malbec grape gives the best wines of the region their powerful taste and deep, dark colour.

The vineyards are predominantly located along the course of the river Lot as it flows west out of the town of Cahors. Of the one hundred or so individual estates that comprise the Cahors appellation, the majority are open for tours and tastings. You will often be guided by the winemakers themselves who will be delighted to tell you all about their product.

Local Markets

Take the opportunity to stock up on local produce by visiting some of the various weekly markets which take place in a number of the villages within a short drive of the property. Our favourites are those in Catus (Tuesday morning), Cahors (Wednesday and Saturday morning), Praysaac (Friday morning) and Cazals (Sunday morning).

Tapas (15€ per person. 24hrs notice required please)

On the evening of your arrival, if you don't feel like cooking for yourself or going out to a restaurant, we are delighted to offer a selection of tapas-style dishes. Everything is homemade and we use local produce as much as possible as well as our own homegrown vegetables when in season.


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